Nine Tail Productions was launched on the simple idea of making it easier for local musicians to find great places to perform and most importantly, to make a few dollars while doing it.

Throughout our history, Nine Tail Productions and Kat Fitzgerald have hosted dozens of fundraisers featuring fabulous local musicians. In addition, we created the following showcases:

“Four Women” – Running for close to 6 years in 4 different locations, originally started at Uncommon Ground by Kat, then moved to final location at Katerina’s for over 2 years. Four Women is all about Four Female singer/songwriters bringing their talent to a shared stage. The showcase never ceased to surprise everyone involved, with the spontaneous stage collaborations and more.

Read more about the history of “Four Women” here:

Windy City Times and Edge Chicago РGirls, Guitars and more

Although “Four Women” in Chicago has closed their doors for now, look for “Four Women West” to be starting soon!!

(more to come..)