About Us

Nine Tail Productions (formerly Windy City Open Mic) is here for one reason, to promote, support and encourage local music and performers.


Windy City Open Mic was hosted for over 3 years by Kat Fitzgerald. She originally hosted one of the most popular open mics in the Midwest for over 4 years. She is always looking for any way possible to help performers have a place to play. Local and touring musicians have always been welcome and no matter what, Kat does her best to help promote everyone. There is not enough good music in the world – and what is out there needs to be heard by many more people.

The Future

Nine Tail Productions continues to grow and promote new shows and music venues. If you are a performer looking for a place to play, or a “place” looking to bring music to your venue, email Kat “at” ninetailproductions.com